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Limitless Network was founded in 2019. Our goal is to provide an engaging, friendly, fun and safe environment for our members. Offering multiple departments and subdivisions, we are sure you will be able to find a home here. Limitless Network is a place for all our members to relax and enjoy their time in this community. In 2022 we launched Limitless Life RP 2.0, Utilizing FiveM servers with carefully designed server assets and script, we are able to craft and offer our own unique roleplaying experience. We are confident that we have established a solid foundation for this community and are very excited about what the future holds.

Realistic Roleplay

Limitless Life RP is NOT GTA Online. We have rules in place and our players believe in a more realistic approach when it comes to playing the game. Your character will need to eat, drink, de-stress, get a job, buy a car, buy a house, etc. just like in real life!


Of course there are legal jobs to roleplay as for everyone. Be a warehouse employee who delivers packages. Become a farmer and plant crops. Work as a mine worker collecting rocks and valuables. Hunt animals and sell pelts and meat. And many many more options!

Illegal Roleplay

Let's say that you don't really like the 9-5 vibe. That's okay! You can rob stores, banks, casinos, and art galleries. Sell or manufacture weed, meth, cocaine, heroine, etc. Distribute weapons and other illegal items. The possibilities are endless and so much to discover at LLRP

Police Roleplay

We offer a huge police force for our players to enjoy exciting, and intense scenes! Whether you want to roleplay as an officer, or you want to run away from the police, you can bet that the car that is chasing the bad guys, is 100% a real life person! Get lost in the RP of a police officer.

  • How do I interact with things? I canít seem to fuel my car, sell things to pawn, etc.

    We use a targeting system, using your Left ALT key, which will display a black/blue third eye. What you want to do is go up to something like a fuel pump, use your target system with your Left ALT key, and it should display options for what you can do! You will end up left clicking, and click on the action to do it, and boom!

  • How do I change my key bindings and/or remap my keys?

    You can head over into you in game settings, using the esc key! Go to settings, key bind, and then you can change key bindings there! Please refer to GTA Online key binding for voice chat, and FiveM key binds! We have mapped a lot of our own scripts keys, in having the ability to change them yourselves as well! I.e. change the key to put your seatbelt on or toggle cruise control in the FiveM Key bind settings!

  • How do I check my bank, job, money, etc.?

    To view simple information like this, we have built in commands. To show how much money you have, simply do /showcash in game. To see bank, do /showbank. For dirty money, do /showdirty. Job to /showjob. If you need you can always check our User Keys and Commands for a list of all of them!

  • Is the server whitelisted?

    Yes, we have an allowlist to prevent random people from joining the server and ruining the fun of serious roleplay. To apply go to our applications and fill it out!